[standards-jig] Avatars

Justin Kirby Zion at openaether.org
Tue May 6 17:30:37 UTC 2003

On Tue, 2003-05-06 at 13:05, Rachel Blackman wrote:

> But this IMNSHO ruins the entire point of Jabber, which is open standards
> and client interoperability.

no it doesn't. jeps are EXPIREMENTAL!!!  which means impl at your own
risk. It only has the *potential* to become a standard. So how does
changing something that should not have any production code break

>   If I as a client author wanted to implement
> avatars the way you suggest, and so did others...now, in order to have
> avatars work between our clients, I have to handle incoming namespaces of,
> say, 'http://gabber.jabberstudio.org/protocol/avatar' and
> 'rhymbox:x:avatar' and 'jajc:x:avatar' and so on.
> I grant you it discourages people from implementing the protocol, but it
> also seems more likely to fractionalize the Jabber community; if I don't do
> the work of finding all the clients that support avatars (or taking the
> lazy route of just checking for :x:avatar or /avatar on the end of a
> namespace), you only see avatars from other people using the same client...

If you do that, then you deserve to have a broken client ;)

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