[standards-jig] Concern About JEP-0082

Ryan Eatmon reatmon at jabber.org
Thu May 15 00:04:11 UTC 2003

Evan Prodromou wrote:
> Sadly, most XML-RPC implementations use this braindead format
> (YYYYMMDDTHH:MM:SS). It's _terrible_: it leaves out timezones, it
> doesn't allow millisecond granularity in times, doesn't do
> nothing. But, de facto, this has become "the" datetime format for

I thought that format was based in UTC...  Which is why you don't need 
time zones.  And to specify a different timezone you specify the offset 
from UTC by say -5 (UTC - 5 hours) at the end.

Ryan Eatmon
reatmon at jabber.org

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