[standards-jig] base ical question ....

Justin Kirby justin at openaether.org
Thu May 29 05:12:16 UTC 2003

Well its time I tackle the ical jep and actually do something about
it....  Before I do that I have a question that fundamentally affects
the design of the protocol.

The two options are:
1) xml-ize ical and friends[1]
2) wrap ical and friends in a jabber stanza

As with everything there are tradeoffs and I want to seek the
community's opinion before I go running down a dark road.

ical and friends are simply structured text. so it doesn't fit well into
the jabber world. xml-izing it (e.g. xcal) would make it more or less
jabber-ish. However, this is a *lot* of work, xml-izing all the other
ical related protocols. Also, we lose native interop with 'normal' ical

keeping ical and friends in their native habitat would give us interop
with existing impl's. But it would introduce the need for yet another

I am unaware of any work being done to incorporate protocols into jabber
that are not xml. So this is new territory and I would greatly
appreciate any feedback on this issue.

My Current Opinion:
I am currently siding towards the native ical solution. Probably because
its less work for me ;)


1. http://www.ietf.org/html.charters/calsch-charter.html

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