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Jim Ray jray at jimithing.net
Thu May 29 11:39:29 UTC 2003

Having done a pretty extensive amount of research into iCal and xCal,
I would think a modified xCal should do most of the trick.  But as 
Robert noted, this is still trying to fit a square peg into a round

According to the jabber logs from the last working group meeting, they
intend to work on things like xCal after CAP is completed.  

Some other interseting work has been done with something called
skiCal.  It's primarily geared towards events, meaning concerts,
ball games, and the like.  It was really interesting to see all
the extra stuff that would be needed.  But this would be more of 
a pubsub kind of thing.  

This might be one of those things that a JIG needs to be formed
so all the ideas are presented.  I know I have thought a lot about
the calendaring solution before.

Off list I will send you an e-mail with the various approaches
I have thought about.  One makes this extremely easy to do. As
it separates the use of Jabber as a notification mechanism and
storage/retrieval of iCal/xCal and Free/Busy files using another
protocol, http, ftp, or webdav.  This would be an MS Exchange 
type of calendar solution.  But it required some modifications
to vCard to work correctly. 

One other thing, I noticed in the jabber chat logs from the March
IETF meeting was the use of the term iSIP, iTIP transported by
SIP.  Although it is not part of the charter it was suggested that
maybe a re-charter after CAP is finished it could be done.  

It would be nice to see that after XMPP gets ratified, that iXIP
would also be a part of that charter.  

The chat logs for the March meeting are here:  

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