[standards-jig] Small Footprint Clients and Authentication

Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Fri May 30 00:34:16 UTC 2003

> >> 11.5 Mandatory to Implement Technologies
> >
> >Key word is "implement". In order to be considered compliant, a server
> >myst implement DIGEST-MD5. If I'm an administrator, I don't have to 
> >make it available to clients.
> OK, maybe I missed something. This part of the spec is only for servers?
> (still, to be required to implement something you'll never use?)

You make a good point - didn't think of clients when reading this.

Perhaps implementing DIGEST-MD5 should be a MUST requirement for
servers, and a SHOULD requirement for clients? Same for the TLS stuff.
That way, a client can not implement something if it doesn't work for
its particular circumstances?

I'll raise this on the XMPP working group list.


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