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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri May 30 16:23:14 UTC 2003

On Thu, May 29, 2003 at 07:48:25AM -0700, Iain shigeoka wrote:
> On Wednesday, May 28, 2003, at 22:12 US/Pacific, Justin Kirby wrote:
> >The two options are:
> >1) xml-ize ical and friends[1]
> >2) wrap ical and friends in a jabber stanza
> >
> >As with everything there are tradeoffs and I want to seek the
> >community's opinion before I go running down a dark road.
> The two precedents I can see are:
> 1) our (semi-broken) vcard xml-ization

That was an early borrowing from another effort, and predates the JEP 
process. I think we would do better now. How much better is another
question. :)

> 2) the e2e wrappering of CPIM (MIME) in a packet


> My knee jerk reaction is that unless there is a strong standards effort 
> around the xml-ized version of ical (xcal or a jsf homebrew version) it 
> will turn into the same mess we have with vcard. It's also going to be 
> a lot of work to keep the xcal or whatever xml-ized version of ical 
> current. So I'd vote to wrap standard ical (so we define the wrapping 
> and perhaps some jabber specific extensions to augment the ical data) 
> and point to the ical spec for defining the actual calendar data 
> formats.

My feeling is that it would be nice to use xcal, but that effort seems
to be on hold. Perhaps the best thing would be to re-ignite xcal?

Also, this comes down to requirements. Are we doing a new calendaring
system on top of XMPP? What will these calendaring applications look
like -- standalone? built into existing Jabber clients? a little of
both? This is a new application area for the Jabber community, which
means we need to put some thought into how we proceed, I think. We might
even want to form a JIG devoted to it.


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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