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Jim Ray jray at jimithing.net
Fri May 30 20:31:05 UTC 2003

> That was an early borrowing from another effort, and predates the JEP 
> process. I think we would do better now. How much better is another
> question. :)

I think since Jabber is leading the way in the adoption of some of these
we should re-ignite the vCard thing and do it correctly.  vCard as
defined has some
pretty good extension mechanisms and there are other extensions that
will make
doing groupware through Jabber easier.

> Also, this comes down to requirements. Are we doing a new calendaring
> system on top of XMPP? What will these calendaring applications look
> like -- standalone? built into existing Jabber clients? a little of
> both? This is a new application area for the Jabber community, which
> means we need to put some thought into how we proceed, I think. We might
> even want to form a JIG devoted to it.

I agree with Peter on the complexities of this.  I have been keeping up
with the calendaring
community for over two years and haven't seen a completed draft of CAP
yet.  And that's
the same work they were doing when I began to follow it.  There is a lot
of things that
come along with iCal besides calendaring, the broad definition includes
journal, and 
to-do's. And do you want to handle all of these the exact same way?  

And how does this fit into, some type of "groupspace" through MUC for
working group types
of things?  Or does it?


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