[standards-jig] Re: My IP Address

Michael Brown michael at aurora.gen.nz
Sun Sep 7 10:32:06 UTC 2003

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>From: "Matthias Wimmer"
> Hi Michael!
> Michael Brown schrieb am 2003-09-07 17:49:16:
> > Can you tell me one?  I would love to know.
> Best: Use the users local SOCKS server
> Other: Use a JEP-0065 proxy

Your "Best" solution is vastly impractical for most home users [see previous
email].  Even in larger networks where a SOCKS server is likely to exist, it
requires the user to know what one is, and to configure their client to
support it - at least with NAT + port forwarding there are no client side
changes required (apart from maybe changing the port if the default one is
being used).

JEP0065 looks great and I would love to use it as a fallback, but it
(currently) has even more draw backs.  I'm unsure what %age of clients are
currently supporting it, but the chances are you will want to send a file to
a client that doesn't.  Plus again there is the client configuration side (I
assume you have to define your own proxy server in the client somewhere?).
And then of course there is the huge waste of bandwidth (which is expensive
in this part of the world) unless the users ISP happens to provide such a
service.  If I want to send my girlfriend a file, it goes via Germany (which
costs me) rather than staying within Australia (which is free to me - not to
mention faster).

No, the simplest method of doing a file transfer for me - as it stands
today - is via oob http (supported by almost all clients) though NAT (almost
everyone has a hardware NAT server now) with port forwarding (this is the
only configuration) or uPNP.


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