[2] [standards-jig] NEW: JEP-0118: User Tune Information

milk miruku at bonbon.net
Thu Sep 11 22:13:09 UTC 2003

damn, just realised i sent this to jdev, woopsy

Ralph Meijer <jabber.org at ralphm.ik.nu> wrote on 11/09/2003 09:42:23:
>> how about information for format, bitrate, and possibly some (if not all) id3v2 elements?
>Seriously, would anyone be interested in this kind of data? I can imagine
>people finding it of interest what I'm listening to, but I would say they
>couldn't care less whether it is an ogg, mp3 or which bitrate.

well, if someone is say, running an mp3 stream and also a jabber bot that handles requests and track information; because mp3 streams can't handle any information 
other than the stream title and current track (well, as one whole string), it would be handy so that if a listener wants information about the track beyond 'artist - title', 
they could have it provided to them via jabber. that a point; 'filename' might be a handy value as well.

Julian Missig <julian at jabber.org> wrote on 11/09/2003 19:01:44:
>I agree with Ralph, we should try to keep this simple. The less data 
>we're sending out all the time, the better. Remember that these get 
>updated every couple of minutes... and there will be lots of people 
>sending this data. Sending lots of useless data will just hurt the 

might it be an idea to have (in the implementation, rather than the jep?) two different forms of data sent; a 'simple' version with just the basics, and an 'expanded' 
version that hold more information about a track for those who would like it.

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