[standards-jig] very large MUC rooms

Ryan Eatmon reatmon at jabber.org
Tue Sep 16 12:42:33 UTC 2003

Now that sparks an interesting idea...

Broadcast rooms.  This could be a room that only a few people can join 
(the participants) and freely chat without interupption.  All of the 
conversations of that room are instead broadcasted to any number of 
listener rooms.  That way you don't have to have thousands in a single 
room.  Just have a room request to be a listener.  Presence info is 
relayed to just the listeners, who in turn relay it to it users. 
Basically, allow a muc room to join another muc room.

Does that even make sense?

David Sutton wrote:

> Hmm, my first instincts about this proposal are that I'm not really
> seeing the need for such as system beyond the example you give, and can
> think of another (better?) way of handling such a setup - What I would
> do is have a bot in the room which would transmit the contents of the
> room onto the "observers". 
> One of my worries is that the spec, as it stands, is a simple yet
> effective way of handling conferencing - If it was decided that this was
> wanted, i would suggest it needs to be a part of a seperate JEP, such as
> a 'MU-C Services' JEP (as suggested during the council voting on MU-C in
> the first place)
> Regards,
>   David
> On Mon, 2003-09-15 at 13:02, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>>Someone poked me offlist about the existence of very large rooms in MUC
>>(i.e., rooms with hundreds or thousands of members). The administrators
>>of such rooms may not want the room to broadcast presence for every room
>>occupant, only for occupants above a certain level, for people who are
>>being interviewed while the masses listen in, etc. So I think it would
>>be appropriate to change the JEP so that a room is not required to
>>broadcast presence for all occupants -- rather, presence should be 
>>broadasted, but may not be depending on room configuration.
>>Thoughts? Are there any other implications of having extremely large
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