[2] [standards-jig] chat log standard?

Jeremy Nickurak atrus at rifetech.com
Mon Sep 29 03:23:54 UTC 2003

On Sun, 2003-09-28 at 17:00, milk wrote:
> Jeremy Nickurak <atrus at jabber.spam.rifetech.com> wrote on 26/09/2003 07:14:59:
> >
> >If it's sharing log data across jabber clients you're after, I'm
> >thinking that an enhancement protocol for server-side logs, browsed via
> >iq's (disco?),  would be more effective here.
> how exactly do you mean? the client accesses the servers logs of their communications?

Exactly. The server would make relevant logs accessible to clients, with
relevant access control of course.

> >Dictating a file storage format seems kind of detached from jabber
> >protocol discussion.
> i think would be a good idea to create a logging standard to improve client interoperability. it would be create if i could use one client at home, and another at 
> work, read the other client's logs where ever i am, or even to be able to synchronise the logs to keep each client updated.
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