[2] Re:[2] [standards-jig] chat log standard?

Justin Karneges justin-jdev at affinix.com
Mon Sep 29 21:53:17 UTC 2003

On Monday 29 September 2003 11:52 am, milk wrote:
> Jeremy Nickurak <atrus at rifetech.com> wrote on 29/09/2003 04:23:54:
> >> how exactly do you mean? the client accesses the servers logs of their
> >> communications?
> >
> >Exactly. The server would make relevant logs accessible to clients, with
> >relevant access control of course.
> what if the server's logs get corrupted/deleted/destroted? what if you want
> to view your logs offline?

There is nothing to say that the client cannot save history locally also.  In 
my opinion, the best way to use this feature would be to always locally log 
chats, but also have the ability to 'sync' with the server, to retrieve any 
missing chats (because you were using a client on another computer earlier).

However, it should also be flexible enough that a client could browse history 
entirely online and never store anything.


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