[Standards-JIG] UPDATED: JEP-0129 (WebDAV File Transfers)

Tom Coffin tcoffin at asg.bellsouth.net
Wed Apr 14 19:35:26 UTC 2004

We have implemented a WebDAV file transfer system for our server, and
there are a couple of issues we've come across which you should

The first is you need to consider how to clean up the file.

We have 2 methods for cleanup.
The first is when the recipient is done downloading the file, they send
a WebDav DELETE command.
Then we have a "backup plan" where we have a daemon cleaning any files
older than 90 minutes (configurable).
If you don't do this, file xfer can quickly eat up many gigabits, even
with low usage.

I'm not sure how you should solve this, since you want to be able to
multicast.  When it's unicast, the DELETE after GET works nicely.

Also, another consideration is file size limits.  We don't want people
putting infinitely large files out there.  
You should make it part of the disco at least. 


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BellSouth Internet Group
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I've added the relevant service discovery information to JEP-0129
(WebDAV File Transfers):



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