[Standards-JIG] Affiliation changes (JEP-0045)

JD Conley jconley at winfessor.com
Tue Dec 7 22:53:49 UTC 2004

Do affiliation changes have to go "in order" as noted in the samples?
Or can an Owner change an Admin to an Outcast in one fowl swoop?


On that note, what changes are allowed in the owner namespace vs. the
admin namespace?  Changing an affiliation to member/none/outcast is all
in the admin namespace in the samples, but the owner namespace schema
also lists those as valid values in the affiliation enumeration.  It
appears to me that the service must respond to all affiliation changes
(iq type set containing item(s)) in both the owner and admin namespace.
Is this correct?  Either way, it should be more clear in the spec.



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