[Standards-JIG] Dead participants in MU-conf, JEP-0045

Jacek Konieczny jajcus at bnet.pl
Thu Dec 16 08:59:50 UTC 2004

On Wed, Dec 15, 2004 at 03:56:09PM -0600, Matt Tucker wrote:
> Therefore, I think
> that all s2s implementations must try to honor the directed presence
> contract from foreign entities themselves. This could be done by:
>  1) Keeping track of all directed presences that come from a foreign
> server.
>  2) Ensure that every X minutes, there is some activity between the
> foreign entity that sent the directed presence and the local entity. If
> there is not, perform a presence probe.
>  3) If it's determined that the foreign entity is no longer available,
> the local server should send an unavaialble directed presence on behalf
> of the foreign entity.

What about the s2s connections coming back to life?
How much additionall processing and resource usage will that require
from the servers?
What about distributed servers, with multiple s2s and other components?


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