[Standards-JIG] Dead participants in MU-conf, JEP-0045

Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Fri Dec 17 21:09:26 UTC 2004


>  Direct presence probing sounds good in theory, i'm just 
>worried about some of the 'worst' case scenarios - all the 
>examples have been of a single user in a single room. Lets 
>look at this from a different angle. Let have 100 people in a 
>room, multiple rooms on a server, some people in multiple 
>rooms. Imagine the amount of traffic generated each time the 
>server checks who is still available.

Traffic is probably not the problem. Many rooms with many users make
much traffic. Presence probes every 5 minutes make negligible traffic
compared to the chat traffic. independent of the number of users it is
always a very small share. Only the weird case with many many users, who
enter, stay for long and do not chat sees a significant traffic increase
by probes. But it is still small in abaolute terms. 

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