[standards-jig] Remote controlling Jabber clients

Nicholas Perez nick at jabberstudio.org
Sun Jan 4 20:40:41 UTC 2004

you can always log on from home with the same resource and jabber 
servers are supposed to terminate the previous connection.

Remko Troncon wrote:

>I was wondering if it would be feasible to extend Jabber with 'remote control' 
>messages. A user would be able to send these messages to any of his own
>resources, commanding them to go to away status (and setting the status
>message), go offline, ... 
>The reason i want this is the following:
>I often forget to log out my Jabber client when going to work, and
>discover this when arriving at work. The only solution for me is to log
>in on my remote system, and kill my client. Some clients (such as Gaim) have 
>a special command-line utility to remote control the active client, but this 
>has a very platform-dependent implementation (and is useless on systems which 
>have no remote login daemon). That's why such a feature seems interesting 
>to me.
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