[standards-jig] XHTML-IM (JEP-0071) and in-band images

Tomasz Sterna tomek at smoczy.net
Mon Jan 5 13:43:50 UTC 2004

Mike Mintz wrote:

>A client that is capable of XHTML could be programmed to include a mini HTTP 
>server and serve the image off of localhost.
That is one method.
But I would dislike an IM that I am sometimes able to do a thing (send 
an image) and sometimes I'm not.
"My friend is able to send me a picture. Why can't I?"

>How would you send an image in-band and still be valid XHTML?  Is there an 
>accepted method for this, or would you have to send it separate from the 
Maybe it could be attached as IBB (JEP-0047) and linked with a special tag?
XHTML-IM is actually a subset of XHTML. Why can't it be a superset?

How is it possible in HTML e-mails?

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