[standards-jig] XHTML-IM (JEP-0071) and in-band images

Tomasz Sterna tomek at smoczy.net
Tue Jan 6 19:11:40 UTC 2004

W liście z wto, 06-01-2004, godz. 17:26, Peter Saint-Andre pisze: 
> If all you want to do is send an image, why not just use JEP-0096? Or do
> you want to send an image in the context of a message?

I want to be able to send an image in context of the chat.
One that is displayed in the chat-window, not the one I have to download
to the hard disk and open in a separate application.

Defining special protocol for use in src attribute of <img/> tag that
would do that using SI or IBB is a good solution.

I don't like the idea of inlining it RTF-style also.

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