[standards-jig] XHTML-IM (JEP-0071) and in-band images

Tomasz Sterna tomek at smoczy.net
Fri Jan 9 15:38:26 UTC 2004

Bart van Bragt wrote:

> Most of this discussion has been about inserting smileys in messages.

It's just an example. :-)

> Do we really want to send smileys again and again as binary filles 
> attached to a message?

We had agreed that it should be cached.

> IMO using inline smileys is not the way to go. We should use smiley 
> packs for that purpose.

JEP-0038 is in Deferred state...

> BTW maybe it's nice to first define some scenarios here?

First message of the thread: "someone just wants to send a small picture 
to a friend" while talking and temporary publishing the image on the web 
is inconvinient.

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