[standards-jig] XHTML-IM (JEP-0071) and in-band images

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Mon Jan 12 12:07:09 UTC 2004

> >Problem is that you will loose the whole message not just the images, and
> >those could be rather important,
> >
> So the sender will be notified it was lost and may refine it not to
> include the, maybe unnecesary, image.

I very much doubt people would realise that was why the message wasnt
stored, they would probably suspect server problems, also clients
implementing this if they want to be user friendly will do the image
transferring transparently.

> >also this relies on the other party
> >including the extension to not store it offline so it is no real
> >against stopping your offline storage from being filled (as people might
> >include it).
> >
> >
> It would not harm to recommend it in JEP, would it? ;-)
> But as we seem to agree to not include the images atacched to the
> message, but to rely on the reciever to fetch it, the discussion of this
> topic becomes academic.

Yea I think retrieval is probably best so caching is possible,

> >But the filetransfer protocol doesnt need to be able to automatically
> >the images, all it needs to do is save it to disk, so it doesnt really
> >any kind of metadata.
> >
> >
> But the filetransfer is about sending all kinds of data. Even the ones
> that does not exist today.
> What do I need a piece of binary data for, if I don't know what type of
> data it contains?
> Should I load it in my word-processor, or try to play it with a
> But I think it's a discussion for another thread.

Yea it is but I still dont really see the requirement for mime types in
filetransfer because their is not the requirement to be able to
automatically render/open the files once their are transferred as they are
in this JEP, also since that mime type will not be stored anywhere once the
normal filetransfer has taken place it will get lost anyway, plus just think
of the security problems of automatically opening all files that are sent to
you!?!, viruses ?!?!. The mime types are pretty much a requirement in this
IOBJ protocol tho because you will be automatically opening the files and
displaying them in the chat window, and you can stop the majority of the
security problems by only opening the mime types you can render.


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