[standards-jig] TINS and associated subjects

Yann Klis yklis at kaliasys.com
Mon Jan 12 14:10:59 UTC 2004


First, sorry for bothering you with this subject but I didn't found
another mailling list where I can discuss the below points. Excuse me if
it's not the right place.

I saw that VoIP integration (and more generally Videoconferencing
integration) was heavily discuss during year 2003 among various
Jabber.org hosted mailing list, and even a JEP was published (TINS) to
cover this topic.

However, is there really any will to develop the Jabber
protocol/framework to answer this matter ?
I mean, the JEP TINS is nearly 1 year old, but is there any ongoing work
on it? If yes, where can I find this information?

Moreover, is there any attempt to be more interoperable with SIP/SIMPLE
on the Jabber side ? I mean, the only attempt that I'm aware of is the
SER gateway SIMPLE2Jabber.

Finally, is there a known place where I can find more information on
that topic ?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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