[standards-jig] sending mime-type during filetransfer

Mariusz Smykuła smys at lodz.mm.pl
Mon Jan 12 20:19:06 UTC 2004

W liście z pon, 12-01-2004, godz. 18:43, Richard Dobson pisze: 

> It might be useful sometimes but my argument is that in the vast majority of
> cases unless you are automatically opening the file it will just be saved to
> the HDD and the mime info that was sent will be discarded, so whats the
> point in adding it if its only going to be discarded.

First, read the document:
Second, ask IETF for what ;)

>>  just be saved to the HDD 

This is not true, you can also automagically show image, play sound or
run application. I'm using psi (not psi.exe)...

Mariusz Smykuła

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