[standards-jig] sending mime-type during filetransfer

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Mon Jan 12 23:50:17 UTC 2004

> Majority operating system have system to use mime/types. Mime type is
> required and used for all file transfer (http/ftp/mail) not for store
> data.

Yes but you still dont seem to be getting what I am saying, the mime type is
useless unless you are going to do something with it, which in normal file
transfer where you are just transferring a file to be saved to disk between
to people you dont need to use the mime type (since you are not
automatically rendering the file afterward), and since the OS does not yet
save it to disk (by your own admission) and make use of this mime type it is
never used and thus not needed and pointless to include. Mime types are used
in HTTP and mail (not ftp btw) because the browser/email software need to
automatically render the data themselves which we are not required to do in
normal file transfer, the files are just saved to disk for the user to later
open at their leisure (at which time the mime type will have been lost so is

> Storing data is OS problem... and Longhorn WinFS store mime type
> in database...

Thats all well and good but Longhorn is far from ready for release, ive
tried the beta.

> This discussion is senseless.

I agree, since the OS cannot store the mime type for the file it is


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