[standards-jig] sending mime-type during filetransfer

Tobias Klug tklug at hartle-klug.de
Mon Jan 12 22:00:14 UTC 2004

Richard Dobson wrote:

>Im not sure how this is going to help with the fact that the majority of
>operating systems have no place to store and use this mime type/content type
>that it is being proposed is sent along with the file. This mime
>type/content type is only useful if it will follow the file and later when
>the user tries to open it outside of the IM app use that mime type to
>determine what application to open the file in, AFAIK windows and linux will
>just use the file extension.
As far as I know ReiserFS 4.0 will have (at least in theory) the ability 
to store a mime type for every file. And WinFS is going to do something 
similar. So todays OS's might not have to ability to store mime types 
but they are/could be in the near future. Also it wouldn't hurt 
providing the possibility to send a mime type along with the data as 
long as it is not a MUST.

>Thats not what a bog standard file transfer is tho, all it simply is is
>transferring a file from one person to another which is then saved onto the
>hard disc, personally due to security conciderations among other things I
>would not want my IM client to automatically open the file, and anyway if
>you want to do that you dont need mime types as the OS will in the majority
>of cases use the file extension to handle opening the file into the default
>application for that file type, I expect that is how Psi does it.
Even if its a standard file transfer you could present the user a set of 
options on what to do with it based on a mime type. Mozilla does it and 
I think even the old Netscape Navigator does it. KDE is using mime types 
already to find out what to do with a file although the mimetype is 
currently found by looking at the extension. But this could change with 
the availability of new filesystems.



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