[standards-jig] In-Band Registration and DoS protection

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Thu Jan 15 19:16:33 UTC 2004

On 15 Jan, 2004, at 13:51, Matthias Wimmer wrote:

> Hi Julian!
> Julian Missig schrieb am 2004-01-15 13:39:20:
>> A single page to go to to register for any Jabber server would also
>> help Jabber's image with the general public--it will feel more
>> centralized and friendly to use any server.
> I guess our users like Jabber because it is NOT centralized!

This centralizes one aspect of registration, and even then only if the 
user chooses to use jabber.org's registration page--the code would be 
open source so each server which has a web site could have one--they 
can even translate it or modify it appropriately! The point is to make 
it easy for the users to have just one place to register with any 
server, not to centralize Jabber.

And guess what, there are a lot of people in the world who are not yet 
Jabber users. This would make it easier on them.


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