[standards-jig] In-Band Registration and DoS protection

Tomasz Sterna tomek at smoczy.net
Fri Jan 16 09:08:27 UTC 2004

Joe Hildebrand wrote:

>Perhaps what is needed as a bridge is a way for the server to specify the
>URL to go to for OOB registration.
><iq type='result'>
>  <query xmlns='jabber:iq:register'>
>    <x xmlns='jabber:x:oob'>
>      <url>http://register/here</url>
>    </x>
>  </query>
I like it. I like it a lot.
This way a client could launch a browser with a registration page 
opened, instead of opening the traditional registration window.
I could put additional informations in the <instructions/> section, for 
older clients, but the newer would launch the registration page immediately.

>Has been suggested before.
Why was it dropped?

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