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Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Fri Jan 16 14:46:39 UTC 2004


SEN schrieb am 2004-01-16 15:49:57:
> Please make a new JEP for mobile devices.
> Server MUST support  this:

You can not force any server to be upgraded to support anything. That's
a general rule on the internet.
Also I don't think it is something that MUST be supported, for example
there are also servers only serving intranet clients for which the
message size is not very important.
There are even other tunings a server could make for mobile clients,
e.g. disabling keep alives, compressing data when using TLS. Other
interesting features might include getting presences without fetching
the roster first, ...

> (if not mobile have error with parsing (msg is lost) or bufferoverflow...)
> JEP - for message size control.

A mobile device would be able to keep the beginning of a stanza while
ignoring the rest (only counting the depth of the XML nesting without
really parsing it - I know it's ugly but would work with existing
systems). The beginning of the stanza would be enough to generate an
error reply informing the sender of the problem.

> Client can send <iq id="1001" type="msglen" size="10000" ></iq>

A type value of "msglen" is not allowed. The proper way would be
something like:

<iq id="1001" type="set">
  <query xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/size">

> all incoming messages (while for messages only)  will break by this
> size... size in bytes for <body> part.
> or optional message return to sender whith error msg...

The only thing that seems as a adequate reaction to me is returning an
error. I don't think a server should ever try to modify existing parts
of a message.

> **************  XHTML ON/OFF *****************
> choosing with incude or not XHTML to message
> <iq id="1001" type="xhtml" on="no" ></iq>

That's really something that should not be filtered by the server but
agreed upon with the sender of the messages. If XHTML content should not
be delivered there is no need to transport it through the complete
Jabber network and then dropping it.

> ************** VCARD choose any field *************
> Client may get only field that it need...
> Client send:

Let's see how long we keep the vCard format at all. ;)

I think more interesting would be the possibility to just fetch parts of
your roster, e.g. only your friends. - Or not fetching the roster at all
but still geting presences. This would be enough to show which users are
online. The mobile client might then fetch the nickname for each new
user that gets online from the server.

Tot kijk

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