[standards-jig] Discovering alternative routes to users.

Sami Haahtinen ressu at ressukka.net
Sat Jan 17 12:13:30 UTC 2004

It appears that more and more of the jabber users have multiple IM 
accounts; MSN, ICQ, AIM.. This leads to problems while discovering 
people that use some specific transport.

It would be nice if the clients reported the used accounts somehow. This 
would allow clients to discover other peoples accounts on other 
messaging systems, to give out to a friend or something alike (you never 
know) Ofcourse, the transports could learn to detect other transports in 
their own networks and negotiate the jid from the other end. This would 
give people the choice of talking throught the proprietary system or 
through jabber.

When you think this further the clients could group roster items by 
destination if they knew that certain user could be foo at bar.com in 
jabber and have foo as AIM account and so on. This would be more 
convinient for the user.

Then there is the privacy issue, people might now want to give this 
information to other people.

Is there interest in this sort of standard, or should it just be left 
alone and let the users manually discover each others addresses?

-- Sami

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