[standards-jig] thoughts on a new idle protocol

Bob Wyman bob at wyman.us
Sat Jan 17 23:49:03 UTC 2004

Nathan Walp wrote:
> For clients (like Gaim) that display idle time in the 
> buddy list (either directly, or indirectly, such as by
> dimming the entry), polling all the users in the buddy
> list isn't an acceptable solution.
    I don't understand why it is necessary to define a new 
push protocol for this specific application or even to extend 
the existing presence stuff. I think it would make a great 
deal more sense to simply use the Jabber PubSub mechanism 
defined in JEP-0060. This sort of application is *exactly* 
what PubSub is good for!!! 
    If you squeeze this into presence, then you're going to 
also have to specify mechanisms which can be used to 
determine whether or not a client *wants* the idle 
information. Just because Gaim may want it, or just because 
you may be willing to send it, shouldn't force all clients to 
have to accept it. Clients should be given as much control as 
possible over how much traffic is sent to them. (For 
instance, if I'm using my handheld PDA, I might not want to 
burn bandwidth or bytes by receiving your idle messages...) 
However, using the PubSub JEP, we already have a mechanism 
which can be used by a client to indicate what data it wants 
pushed to it. Use what we've got... 

       bob wyman

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