AAAHHHH! Too many JEPS - (was: RE: [standards-jig] JEP-0025)

Richard Dobson richard at
Sun Jan 18 19:31:36 UTC 2004

> The problem is that too many JEPS is random states almost as bad as NO
> JEPS. Implementers who say "I want to build a Jabber SDK, or I want to
> build a Jabber Client, or I want to build a Jabber Server, or I want to
> build a Jabber Bot" have NO idea what JEPS need to be implemented...
> This means that a particular client can only talk to a particular
> server, and the entire incompatibility problem rears it's ugly head.
> In some ways it's worse, because now you have the problem of "well, it's
> Jepped, why don't you support it?" and the answer is because it's been
> stuck in "experimental" for 3 years and hasn't seen an update since then
> and the whole world assumed it was deprecated.

Well then the simple solution to this is to only implement JEP's in draft or
final, not experimental, it has plain warnings about implementing
experiemental JEP's on them, I dont see why this is a real problem, if
things are not being updated and have been in experimental for a long time
it makes simple sence not to bother implementing them, maybe this needs to
be explained a bit better in the warnings.


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