[standards-jig] Fwd: [JDEV] Client support for XMPP Privacy and Jabberd 2

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Wed Jan 21 19:32:06 UTC 2004

Is there any particular reason this protocol was not designed such that 
the iq sets of changes go out to all resources? Whenever dealing with 
something server-side, the choices made for iq:roster should be 
examined and see whether they apply to the new protocol... I'm fairly 
certain this is a case where iq:roster's behavior of sending iq sets to 
all resources is desired.

Any reason why we wouldn't want these changes automatically propagating 
to all resources?


On 21 Jan, 2004, at 14:26, Thomas Muldowney wrote:

> This thread from jdev is an important read.  There are a few replies 
> on jdev.  Thoughts?
> --temas
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>> From: Dudley Carr <dudley at cs.stanford.edu>
>> Date: January 21, 2004 1:06:09 AM CST
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>> Subject: [JDEV] Client support for XMPP Privacy and Jabberd 2
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>> I'm working on a client-side implementation of XMPP Privacy and I 
>> seem to have run into a snag. There are visual elements in our client 
>> that can be changed which in turn changes the active privacy list. 
>> This is all good and well expect if there are multiple clients logged 
>> onto the same server with the same JID but with different resources.
>> Both clients typically would read the privacy settings after logging 
>> in. However, they would be unaware of changes to the privacy lists, 
>> and thus the visual elements (such as showing your status as 
>> invisible) in the one of the clients would be incorrect. The roster, 
>> like the privacy lists, is a piece of data that clients have to 
>> synchronize on. Unlike the privacy lists, the roster side steps this 
>> problem b/c the XMPP spec, I believe, requires roster changes to be 
>> pushed to all the resources. As far as I can tell, this isn't true 
>> for privacy lists changes.
>> A possible work around that I was considering is to send an set-IQ 
>> packet from one client to another so that they can be synchronized, 
>> but the current Jabber 2 server doesn't allow IQ packets through for 
>> query namespaces such as jabber:iq:privacy or jabber:iq:roster. I 
>> can't seem to find anything in XMPP that would disallow this 
>> behavior, but it does make sense in most cases.
>> I'm out of ideas on this one short of some kind of custom namespace 
>> solution.
>> Regards,
>> Dudley
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