[standards-jig] VoIP, JEP-0065 and UDP?

Krzysztof Szyntar criss at poczta.neostrada.pl
Fri Jan 23 11:15:27 UTC 2004

I'm considering the implementation of VoIP using XMPP.
I've noticed that there are currently no standards describing how the
thing should be done. (with the exception of TINS maybe, but it covers
just a tiny bit of the subject and is experimental)
As I looked through the list archives, there was a long discusion
going on - but still, I wasn't able to find aswers to my questions.

There are many, many issues, but - let's concentrate on just one:
Simple model, just two sides talking to each other, however - we need
to make it work regardles of the network configuration.

Obviously there is a need to bypass firewalls/NATs somehow, so we need
some kind of a proxy serwer.
As far as filetransfer is concerned, a well thought-out solution to this is
described in JEP-0065 (SOCKS5 Bytestreams), but it uses TCP only.
When thinking about VoIP, in most cases we would like to use
UDP packages (or, more precisely, RTP)

The "real" SOCKS5 serwer supports "UDP ASSOCIATE" command and is
capable of handling UDP datagrams.
Is there any reason that JEP-0065 is limited to TCP transport?
I understand that JEP-0065 is a part of the whole concept:
JEP-0065 \ JEP-0095 \ JEP-0096. It looks really neat but doesn't cover
all the needs.

JEP-0065 is in it's Draft stage so I don't expect extending it to be
very likely, but maybe creating seperate JEP covering UDP-proxying
issues would help? Or more general concept of multimedia-proxy?
Or - maybe I'm heading the wrong direction and this should be done
in completely different way?

Best regards,
Krzysztof                          mailto:criss at poczta.neostrada.pl

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