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Fri Jul 30 18:57:32 UTC 2004

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> Hello,
>    I took a quick glance at JEP-0004 just a second ago, and a question came 
>    to 
> mind concerning fields that are of the types "jid-multi", "jid-single", 
> "list-multi", and "list-single". In the descriptions for those it says that 
> they should be able to gather or provide data, and for requirement #1 it says 
> that fields should enable free-from input or a choice between multiple 
> options. Are users allowed to input arbitrary data as a value for those 
> fields?
> For example: I have a list-single that has three choices, "Mr.", "Mrs.", and 
> "Miss". But I'm a doctor, so can I type in "Dr." or am I left with only those 
> three choices?

I think the point of a list is "choose one of these".
> Or I have another form, that has a "jid-multi" field that has zero options, 
> and it wants to gather a list of JIDs. Can more jids be added? What if the 
> form already includes some JIDs, how can I tell if it wants me to add JIDs or 
> select them (from a client programmer's point-of-view)?

jid-single means that the form-submitting entity needs to provide a 
single string that matches the JID production defined in XMPP Core, and 
jid-multi means provide more than one. There is nothing inherent in the 
concept of the jid-* types about being presented with a list to choose 
from. They are really no different from text-single and text-multi, 
except that the string values must be JIDs.

> The JEP seems a little vague on describing the behavior of the multiple 
> choice 
> fields. If anything how do I know if they're gathering or providing data to 
> be selected?

JEP-0122: Data Forms Validation may address some of your requirements:



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