[Standards-JIG] JEPS-0096 need for metadata extentions

christian.stange christian.stange at telex.no
Fri Jun 4 11:58:10 UTC 2004

In developing services over jabber file transfer, I ve stumbled over a 
small problem.

My intention is to provide virus scan on all files that goes trough my 
server. I think I've managed to find a way to do this. But after doing 
this, I wish to provide metadata that says I've scanned that file.

My hope is that in a future I could write a client that exposed this, 
and also could brand it:

<file xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/si/profile/file-transfer'
	<viruscheck xmlns='http://my_private_server/protocol/some_VS_namespace'
		desc='Checked for Virus and Malware by MegaStupidCorp' />
	<someother .......

I have several different needs for providing additional metadata to 
filetransfers, and while I do not need other clients to interprete 
these data (they are optional, informal data), I need all clients to be 
able to log it (they are vital when we have to do bug tracking). Lets 
drop the issue that most clients doesn't log filetransfers for the 
moment (*shudder*).

Thus there should be some kind of freeform metadata "area" in the 
protocol where we can add private XML code that just get logged.

As soon as we had put this "area" in the protocol, we could start 
adding metadata protocols like formalizing an xml code for virusscan. 
This way all servers that provided virusscan could investigate the 
metadata and detect the need to viruscheck the file.


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