[Standards-JIG] JEP-45: Formal definition of required attributes for certain operations

Gaston Dombiak dombiak_gaston at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 4 23:41:44 UTC 2004


I have some doubts about the required attributes for certain operations.

Doubt 1: The first thing that confused me is that
http://jabber.org/protocol/muc#admin schema states that the "affiliation"
and "role" attributes are both required but according to many operations
(e.g. kicking, granting voice, etc.) they are not required.

Doubt 2: In the following operations I infer the required/possible fields
from the examples. I'd like to check whether the examples are comprehensive
or not. IMHO, it'd be great if the required/possible fields are made
explicit before each example.

Example 76. Service Sends Voice List to Moderator
Example 77. Moderator Sends Modified Voice List to Service
Example 86. Service Sends Ban List to Admin
Example 87. Admin Sends Modified Ban List to Service
Example 98. Service Sends Member List to Admin
Example 99. Admin Sends Modified Member List to Service
Example 113. Service Sends Moderator List to Admin
Example 114. Admin Sends Modified Moderator List to Service
Example 143. Service Sends Owner List to Owner
Example 144. Owner Sends Modified Owner List to Service
Example 154. Service Sends Admin List to Owner
Example 155. Owner Sends Modified Admin List to Service

** Specific doubts regarding the examples **
Example 77: The example 68 (Granting voice to a visitor) does not provide a
reason why the moderator decided to grant the voice. My question is if the
reason in the example 77 is correct because I don't see that the notice of
voice to all occupants (example 70) is including a reason.

Examples 76, 86, 98, 113, 143, & 154: All these examples are about the
service sending a list. I'd like to know if in all these cases the complete
list of possible attributes could be like the one included in example 76?

Examples 99, 114, 144, 155: All these examples are about the
admin/owner/moderator sending the new list to the service. I'd like to know
if the following example is correct/possible:

<iq type='set'
    from='crone1 at shakespeare.lit/desktop'
    to='darkcave at macbeth.shakespeare.lit'
  <query xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/muc#admin'>
        jid='hag66 at shakespeare.lit/pda'
        jid='hecate at shakespeare.lit/broom'
        jid='john at shakespeare.lit/broom'

As you can see this stanza does many operations at once.

Thanks for your help,

  -- Gato

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