[Standards-JIG] NEW: Message Archiving

Justin Karneges justin-keyword-jabber.093179 at affinix.com
Sun Jun 6 04:00:31 UTC 2004

On Saturday 05 June 2004 7:32 pm, David Yitzchak Cohen wrote:
> Isn't x:delay allowed in the original message?
> If so, we'd be losing info by clobbering it (assuming the original
> and our proposed aren't identical, which will probably happen due to
> network conditions).  Maybe we should enclose messages in wrappers
> (<item>s, maybe?) giving some basic context?  (My votes would go to (a)
> some indication of whether this message was from you or to you, and (b)
> a timestamp in x:delay style.)

Generally, the x:delay timestamp overrides the "time of receipt" (ie, the 
current time) by the client, and for offline messages it is x:delay which is 
shown to the user.  Is there a need to store both values?  On a related note, 
should the client be able to specify a timestamp for a message collection?

Regarding to/from, this is determined by the presence of a "to" or "from" 
attribute in the message (the JEP forbids logging both, although it could be 
better spelled out).


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