[Standards-JIG] Re: proto-JEP: User Nickname

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Sun Jun 6 12:14:17 UTC 2004

Its a possibility that some kind of new fangled vCards proto might be one
way, but no-one can seem to agree on how to do that, also I think nickname
is something of a special case as it is far more related to extended
presence information (e.g. user moods) than it is to vCard information like
your home address your web address and such, nickname is likely to change
far more often than anything else in the vCard information and is likely to
be far more related to your actual presence than anything else, evidence of
this type of activity can be seen from MSN messenger users where their
nickname (the name they want to be known by in other peoples messenger
contact lists) will be changed potensially multiple times during a single IM
session, preferred nickname is also something that jabber seriously lacks in
at the moment with no way of allowing other users to subscribe to your
preferred nickname and be notified of when it changes so other users clients
who want nickname updates can automatically change the nickname in their
contact list, without it being a presence extension resulting in it being
pushed to people who might not want that information.

On the subject of the amount of network activity that is not really the
fault of this protocol since it just uses our currently defined pubsub
protocol, I thought that we were aiming to use pubsub for extensions such as
these (e.g. user moods) where not all users will want to know the published
information, which is why I didnt specify this as a presence extension (even
though it would have resulted in less of a network activity hit).


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> This seems like an awful lot of protocol for just a nickname.. wouldn't
> it make more sense to go about with getting some sort of "user info"
> protocol to replace vCards in place which has the nickname? I dunno, it
> just seems like a lot of network activity for a tiny piece of
> information.
> Julian

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