[Standards-JIG] Proposed Changes to JEP-60 - PubSub

Bob Wyman bob at wyman.us
Mon Jun 7 05:01:12 UTC 2004

Fletcher Boyd wrote:
>use of only AlphaNumeric characters simplifies parsing
   You have been writing messages that make it sound like you're saying
that JEP-0060 is horribly broken. To suggest that one of your top "must
be fixed" problems is simply something that "simplifies parsing" doesn't
make it sound like the problems are as bad as you have been

>> NodeIDs MUST have semantic value in implementations of pubsub.
> there is no requirement that the client implement hiearchical nodes.
> its just that the core server must support them. you don't have to use
	I build a server that provides content-based pubsub services
over JEP-0060 and has no use for hierarchical nodeIDs. You are
suggesting that my server be *required* to provide support for features
that only have meaning in old-style topic-based systems even though they
will never be used by my server?

> ok then strike the line about the nodeID 
> have semantic meaning. ... However the hierachy 
> does not have to have semantic meaning.
	If nodeId's have no semantic meaning then any syntax that makes
nodeID's appear hierarchical would be deceptive at the least. If
hierarchy means nothing, why bother going to the trouble of supporting
it? Is your concern simply one of aesthetics?

	It would really help your argument if you could present a clear
use-case that demonstrates your need for hierarchical nodeId's. What are
you trying to achieve?

		bob wyman

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