[Standards-JIG] PubSub.com's Use of JEP-0060

Bob Wyman bob at wyman.us
Tue Jun 8 05:50:07 UTC 2004

Dudley Carr wrote:
> the PubSub service is absolutely hot. This is exactly the kind of 
> cross pollination of Jabber and syndication that I've been hoping
> to see.
	Thanks for the kind words! I agree that Jabber and syndication
seem to be obvious "partners" that for some reason simply haven't met up
in the past. Hopefully, we'll be able to help get these two together...

>1) It would be really nice if xmpp.pubsub.com has S2S enabled, 
> and I could get my subscriptions just by logging into my 
> own Jabber account.
	We're still in the process of building and debugging our Jabber
server. Given the volume of traffic that we generate and the size of the
messages we send, this server needs to be designed and tuned a bit
differently from most existing Jabber servers -- so we're going to have
to roll out features slowly and carefully. Also, we expect that our
server will *only* do PubSub. It won't support most of the things that
almost every other Jabber server has and does support... (i.e. no chat,
roster, presence, etc.)
	One significant concern we have with server-to-server support is
the issue of karma and other traffic throttling methods. We expect to be
generating a pretty significant amount of traffic and believe that most
existing Jabber servers would probably throttle us down quickly. We're
trying to understand ways to play in the JabberSphere without making a

> 2) Adding new subscriptions via Jabber would be key.
	Clearly, this will come in the future. We'll be rolling out
features incrementally as we understand, implement, and test them.

> 3) ...Disco would be a better option than using the
> custom IQ XML schema for obtaining subscriptions.
	We'll look at disco again... 

> 4) I realize that the document above is a draft, but
> it's probably not in the interest of the Jabber
> community to reproduce the registration, authentication, 
> and XMPP stream initialization protocols here. 
	Yes, of course. I have no intention of trying to get a JEP
published including a repetition of everything in JEP-0078. The reason
for doing this in this first draft was so that we could be completely
explicit about what it is that we're doing. Also, I'd like to be able to
show some of the folk who build news aggregators just how easy it is to
work with Jabber. Do not fear! I am sure that we'll remove much of
duplicative material before we get anywhere near having a formal JEP to

> Anyway, this is really exciting. I can't wait to see where this goes.
	Well, if you've got any ideas on where it *should* go, please
help us out by letting us know. Thanks again for the comments you've
made so far.

		bob wyman

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