[Standards-JIG] PubSub.com's Use of JEP-0060

Justin Karneges justin-keyword-jabber.093179 at affinix.com
Tue Jun 8 07:31:14 UTC 2004

On Monday 07 June 2004 10:50 pm, Bob Wyman wrote:
> >1) It would be really nice if xmpp.pubsub.com has S2S enabled,
> > and I could get my subscriptions just by logging into my
> > own Jabber account.
> 	We're still in the process of building and debugging our Jabber
> server. Given the volume of traffic that we generate and the size of the
> messages we send, this server needs to be designed and tuned a bit
> differently from most existing Jabber servers -- so we're going to have
> to roll out features slowly and carefully. Also, we expect that our
> server will *only* do PubSub. It won't support most of the things that
> almost every other Jabber server has and does support... (i.e. no chat,
> roster, presence, etc.)

Remember that XMPP/Jabber is a "network on top of a network".  Instead of IP 
addresses and binary packets, we have JIDs and XML stanzas.  If you want to 
serve within this network, you simply need to become part of it.  There 
should be no need for users to have to log into your actual server on port 
5222 directly.  All communication should be done over XMPP.  Supporting s2s 
is more than just "nice", it is really the only thing you need! :)

To put things in perspective, consider a Jabber User Directory (JUD) service.  
There is one running at jud.jabber.org.  Users can register their personal 
details to it, so that others can search the database and find them.  It is a 
server, but it is only accessible over XMPP.

So _of course_ you don't need to support chat, roster, presence, etc.  A JUD 
service doesn't support them either.  Your PubSub service would *only* do 

In short, I think you're going about this all wrong, and I hope my message has 
been a revelation. :)

> 	One significant concern we have with server-to-server support is
> the issue of karma and other traffic throttling methods. We expect to be
> generating a pretty significant amount of traffic and believe that most
> existing Jabber servers would probably throttle us down quickly. We're
> trying to understand ways to play in the JabberSphere without making a
> mess...

I say bring it on.  The karma limits imposed by existing Jabber servers, at 
least for clients, are a bit ridiculous.  I'm not aware of any s2s karma 
details.  In any case, they can and should be updated according to real world 
use cases.  XMPP exists for concepts such as yours, time to break in the new 

> > 2) Adding new subscriptions via Jabber would be key.
> 	Clearly, this will come in the future. We'll be rolling out
> features incrementally as we understand, implement, and test them.

IMO, you should start with this now, and support only this method.  There 
should be no need to offer Jabber accounts.  The JUD does not offer Jabber 


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