[Standards-JIG] Reason for subscription/unsubscription

CORVOYSIER David FTRD/DMI/REN david.corvoysier at francetelecom.com
Tue Jun 15 13:44:52 UTC 2004

> The "reason" may be (and IMHO _will_be_ if still supported by 
> clients) abused by spammers. Messages for unknown people may 
> be easily blocked using privacy list, but blocking "reasons" 
> (for spammers they are no worse than regular messages) is not 
> possible without blocking all subscription requests.

I don't agree: once someone has sent you a subscription that contains
SPAM, you can blacklist him instead of simply refusing the subscription.
So yes the reason could be used for SPAM, but you can prevent someone
from sending you subscriptions multiple times.

> Even if <status/> is not allowed in <presence/> reason of a 
> request may be sent in separate <message/> -- the recipient 
> will choose if he wants messages from people not in his roster or not.

Are you sure it will work ? Ironically, most of the times you receive
subscriptions from people who are not in your roster, so you won't see
their message. Besides that, how do you make the connection between the
message and the subscription, especially when things happen when you're
offline ?


David Corvoysier

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