[Standards-JIG] Reason for subscription/unsubscription

Rachel Blackman rcb at ceruleanstudios.com
Wed Jun 23 06:27:36 UTC 2004

> You seem to have a good rationale behind subscription request reasons.
> Could You please explain it to me. Perhaps providing a usage pattern?

If I understand, it could be for several reasons.

1) It's nice to get a reason in the same UI element as the '<x> would 
like to add you to their roster, allow them?' question.  For instance, 
'<x> would like to add you...' having a 'Notes: Hey, we talked at 
OSCON, I'd be interested in continuing our design discussions' might 
spur a memory as to who it was if the JID alone didn't.

2) A message may not go to the specific Jabber resource you are on as; 
presence goes to all connected resources and thus allows you to answer 
from any.  Having the subscription request reason split into a message 
stanza means that they are not guaranteed to arrive at the same client, 
thus may not be able to be properly associated.

3) Some clients allow the functionality of blocking messages from 
client JIDs not on your roster, for privacy purposes.  If that's the 
case, you might have the message explaining the reason for a 
subscription not come up, unless it were in the presence element 
containing the subscription request.

4) ICQ UINs, for instance, do not give any real information.  Allowing 
subscription reasons in presence information would allow the ICQ 
gateway to provide the ICQ subscription request reasons in the Jabber 
subscription requests, and vice versa. :)

> I simply do not see any usage for the reason.
> The only people I allow to see my presence is the people I know.
> And I get to know them while exchanging <message>s.

So you cannot ever see a situation where you might meet someone at 
OSCON or something similar, want to continue discussions, but not 
necessarily recognize their JID?  I sometimes meet people offline, in 
the real world, and then end up with them on my IM roster based on 
that.  I don't necessarily remember who a particular screen name, UIN, 
or JID belongs to at the time they try to add me.

Honestly, I can take or leave the subscription request feature, but I 
can see good reasons for it.

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