[Standards-JIG] Reason for subscription/unsubscription

gregoire athanase gregoireathanase at yahoo.fr
Wed Jun 23 11:24:03 UTC 2004


i follow somewhat this thread, and think that a reason
for subscription is useless.

if someone wants to subscribe to you and you don t
know who he is, you can send him a message (its
possible, isn't it?), then decide either to accept him
or not.
And if this person thinks that you should remember of
him, he won t specify a subscription reason, so you
will receive some preprogrammed "Dear abc at jabber, may
I add you in my contact list?" instead of the "We met
at the library today, remember?"


--- Rachel Blackman <rcb at ceruleanstudios.com> wrote:
> > You seem to have a good rationale behind
> subscription request reasons.
> > Could You please explain it to me. Perhaps
> providing a usage pattern?
> If I understand, it could be for several reasons.
> 1) It's nice to get a reason in the same UI element
> as the '<x> would 
> like to add you to their roster, allow them?'
> question.  For instance, 
> '<x> would like to add you...' having a 'Notes: Hey,
> we talked at 
> OSCON, I'd be interested in continuing our design
> discussions' might 
> spur a memory as to who it was if the JID alone
> didn't.
> 2) A message may not go to the specific Jabber
> resource you are on as; 
> presence goes to all connected resources and thus
> allows you to answer 
> from any.  Having the subscription request reason
> split into a message 
> stanza means that they are not guaranteed to arrive
> at the same client, 
> thus may not be able to be properly associated.
> 3) Some clients allow the functionality of blocking
> messages from 
> client JIDs not on your roster, for privacy
> purposes.  If that's the 
> case, you might have the message explaining the
> reason for a 
> subscription not come up, unless it were in the
> presence element 
> containing the subscription request.
> 4) ICQ UINs, for instance, do not give any real
> information.  Allowing 
> subscription reasons in presence information would
> allow the ICQ 
> gateway to provide the ICQ subscription request
> reasons in the Jabber 
> subscription requests, and vice versa. :)
> > I simply do not see any usage for the reason.
> > The only people I allow to see my presence is the
> people I know.
> > And I get to know them while exchanging
> <message>s.
> So you cannot ever see a situation where you might
> meet someone at 
> OSCON or something similar, want to continue
> discussions, but not 
> necessarily recognize their JID?  I sometimes meet
> people offline, in 
> the real world, and then end up with them on my IM
> roster based on 
> that.  I don't necessarily remember who a particular
> screen name, UIN, 
> or JID belongs to at the time they try to add me.
> Honestly, I can take or leave the subscription
> request feature, but I 
> can see good reasons for it.
> 	--Rachel

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