[Standards-JIG] Reason for subscription/unsubscription

Stephen Pendleton spendleton at movsoftware.com
Thu Jun 24 15:33:33 UTC 2004

To state the obvious: you would need to add another stanza to the
subscription request in order to do this.

<presence to='juliet at example.com' type='subscribe'><message>Hi, its Romeo -
I'm dying to talk to you</message></presence>

Of course I believe that would require a change to the draft IETF XMPP spec
and I am assuming this would need to be voted on by the council. However it
seems like a lot of trouble. Have you experienced this issue in the real
world? Personally I accept subs from everyone, and would presumably delete
them later if I determined that they were unwanted (I've never really
encountered this problem). Usually the jid has some identifying info
embedded in it as well (e.g. "romeo3993 at jabber.org")

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OK, since this discussion is getting nowhere I will try to better describe
the use case that motivated my question.

Romeo and juliet meet in the orchard. Juliet has to go, but since she uses
IM, she tells romeo her JID: romanticlove at jabber.com.

Romeo creates an IM account, mightylion at jabber.org, and tries to subscribe
to juliet's presence. 

Juliet, who is a rather shy person, has a rule that prevents people from
sending her messages when they are not in her roster. She receives romeo's
presence subscribe and refuses it because she doesn't know him. 

End of the story: shakespeare is now mad at us because we ruined his piece
by not providing reason for subscription !

Now, I don't say that the <status> field must be used to add that
information, I only say that we need to find a way to have that reason
provided along with the subscription request, knowing that a separate
message may be blocked and that vcard information is not guaranteed (most
people are very reluctant to expose their real name and address). So, if
anybody has a better solution, I would be glad to read it.


PS: I am far from being convinced by the SPAM issue that has been raised
because, as it has been said before you can blacklist sub spammers and
prevent them for sending further subs, and besides that even without a
reason, subs alone could be used for SPAM.
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