[Standards-JIG] Reason for subscription/unsubscription

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu Jun 24 16:10:33 UTC 2004

> To state the obvious: you would need to add another stanza to the
> subscription request in order to do this.
> <presence to='juliet at example.com' type='subscribe'><message>Hi, its
Romeo -
> I'm dying to talk to you</message></presence>
> Of course I believe that would require a change to the draft IETF XMPP
> and I am assuming this would need to be voted on by the council. However
> seems like a lot of trouble. Have you experienced this issue in the real
> world? Personally I accept subs from everyone, and would presumably delete
> them later if I determined that they were unwanted (I've never really
> encountered this problem). Usually the jid has some identifying info
> embedded in it as well (e.g. "romeo3993 at jabber.org")

Yes ive experienced it in the real world, Yahoo IM, and I think icq allow
you to provide reasons for your subscription requests and ive had friends
with im id's that I would not have regognised otherwise message me on those
systems who if the reason wasnt there with a bit of text from them saying
who they were I would have denied their subscription request.

He does have a fair point that these subscription reasons are useful, and
that not having them is going to cause people inconvience, and as he says
not having them is not going to stop spammers, they will still try to give
it a go and trick you into subscribing to them and then send messages
through, I doubt not having the reasons stuff is going to make much
difference to determined spammers, we need to look at other technological
ways of stopping the spam to which we have already started by preventing
address spoofing, other things that we have already briefly discussed on the
spam prevention topic such as blacklists of domains and ips (e.g. like
DNSRBL's), networks of trust and spam filtering (e.g. like spamassasin)
should also looked at more so we can "nip this in the bud" and stop spammers
from being able to easily spam before it really starts, we dont want jabber
to end up with the spam problems email has.


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