[Standards-JIG] JEP-0060 (pubsub) Event Types

Bob Wyman bob at wyman.us
Sat Jun 26 18:22:06 UTC 2004

Concerning my earlier note:
I got confused between the XSD and the text of the document. The XSD
says that item is not required but the text that Ralph points says that
it is a MUST. If the text is to take precedence over the XSD, then the
XSD should be updated to show that the <item> element is minOccurs=1.

Thus, the definition of the <publish> element would be:

<xs:element name='publish'>
        <xs:element ref='item' minOccurs='1' maxOccurs='unbounded'/>
      <xs:attribute name='node' type='xs:string' use='required'/>

Note: Personally, I think it doesn't make sense to require an empty item
element. It would be appear to be nothing more than a waste of bytes.

		bob wyman

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While implementing the different event types in idavoll, as defined in
section 5 of JEP-0060, I encountered a few things that are not clearly

First, there is nothing that says what to do when the rules in table 2
are not met. I assumed returning an iq error 'bad-request'.

Second, the table states for nodes configured as persisting items, but
only sending out notifications without payload:

  Publisher MUST include an empty item element; if item ID is not
provided by
  publisher, it MUST be generated by pubsub service

This can't be right. If the publisher would send no payload along in the
publish, how can the pubsub service persist the item? I suggest the text
is changed to:

  Publisher MUST include an item element that contains the payload; if
item ID
  is not provided by publisher, it MUST be generated by pubsub service.
  notifications MUST include an empty item element.


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