[Standards-JIG] Re: NEW: JEP-0127: Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)

Art Botterell acb at incident.com
Thu Mar 4 19:28:52 UTC 2004

At 12:00 PM -0600 3/3/04, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>  Do you foresee any significant changes to it?

We're in the full OASIS balloting process until the end of March, and 
it's possible that we'll get some feedback from OASIS members that 
could spark changes, but I'd be surprised if any were profound.  The 
overall structure of the message has changed much little v. 0.6... 
mostly it's been been editorial stuff.

We do have a punchlist of mostly WIBNI ("wouldn't it be nice if...") 
items for version 1.1, whenever that happens, but for the most part 
they're extensions so I don't anticipate any major 
backward-compatibility problems even then.  And of course we've got a 
lot of 'splaining to do by way of an implementation guide, which also 
is in work.

- Art

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