[Standards-JIG] new top level tag?

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed Mar 10 09:24:23 UTC 2004

> >I love it.
> >
> >
> i like it too, especially the RTP tag. However, it is really just a
> first proposal.
> >XMPP Core states:
> >"Three kinds of XML stanza are defined for the 'jabber:client' and
> >'jabber:server' namespaces: <message/>, <presence/>, and <iq/>." We
> >might be better off defining a new namespace (ala, SASL, TLS, Dialback),
> >and then putting the rtp stuff in there.
> >
> >
> The new namespaces solves our divergence with the main XMPP specs.
> Defining a new namespace seems like a good idea.

It doesnt seem to solve anything at all (infact it completely breaks it), if
its not valid in the 'jabber:server' and 'jabber:client' namespaces it wont
be passed in between servers using s2s, which kind of defeats the object of
the exercise, also all jabber servers will need to be specifically coded to
support this for it to pass inbetween the clients which seems a bit silly
since this protocol is only really relevant for the end points (the clients
or reflection servers) and is not relevant for the jabber server itself to
examine. This might be "nice" as a new top level element but the effort that
is required to support it is a complete waste since we already have iq which
can be used perfectly adequately.


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