[Standards-JIG] new top level tag?

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed Mar 10 09:43:43 UTC 2004

> You definitely have a point here. Servers need to support the routing of
> this new tag and IQ tags can deliver this specific content as well
> without changing anything to the existing protocol structure.
> But, if a new tag makes it into a JEP and then into the protocol specs
> (which seems unlikely) every server needs to support it somehow, just to
> be compliant.

True, but I think you would have a very hard time justifying the effort
required to support this when we already have IQ, I very much doubt you
would get this protocol approved, plus you couldnt really do it in a JEP
since the part of the protocol that would have to be modified (XMPP-Core i
would have thought) is under control of the IETF not the JSF, overall I
think you are fighting a lost cause here, I very much doubt you will be very
far with this as far as standardisation goes.


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